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Disaster Recovery  (DR) ...

  • Every year natural disasters consistently compromise cities telecommunications for weeks and months.

  • In 2004 approximately 675,000 U.S. excavation accidents damaged underground cables & pipelines.

  • 27.5% (185,000) of these accidents damaged telecommunications facilities.

  • (*Above data provided by the C.G.A.)




We all hope it never happens, but when a disaster occurs, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the cost when communications, applications and systems are down?
  • How much pain will your clients feel when they can't communicate with you?
  • Are you at risk? (e.g. Regulatory, Financially, Liability, Safety, etc.)

Minimize your loss of prestige and the cost from outages. Our DR Experts, along with Senior Engineering Resources and Alliance Partners, have extensive experience with Emergency Management Solutions in the following areas:

  • Critical Impact Analysis
  • Emergency Communications Planning & Implementation
  • Cost Effective Emergency Management Solutions
  • "Hot Standby" Solutions
  • Multiple Carrier Solutions and Technologies
  • Ability to Reconfigure "On the Fly"
  • Inbound & Outbound Voice, Data and Video Solutions
  • Rapidly Recovery Control of Inbound Calls
  • Support Before, During and After Outa Alliance Partners
  • Provide Mass Notification & Toll-Free Hotline (Keep People Informed & Safe)

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